Airport Drayage

Airport Drayage provides daily pickup and delivery service for shipments arriving by air or ground to points in Oregon and southwest Washington. Whether it’s one package or an entire trailer load, our service is reliable and our prices competitive.

We are one of the most sought after companies for special deliveries due to our ability to meet each customer’s needs. Please call or e-mail us to discuss additional service requirements you may have or to request our tariff.

The ADC Difference

We utilize the Crown Freight Management system.

Please call us to request daily automatic status updates via e-mail as frequently as you need them. We encourage you to obtain a login to the Crown Connect website, which will enable you to retrieve status, PODs, and charges at your convenience.

Crown provides:

  • Tracking
  • EDI
  • Alert Shipment Interface
  • Next Day Document Imaging Retrieval (HAWB)
More info about these systems can be found in the following PDF files:

Email Madelyn for more information (msykes@airportdrayage.com)


Current Fuel Surcharge

April 20th is 18%

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